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Going to The Gym for Beginners

If you’re just beginning to get into working out, it can be intimidating to try to figure out all of the things that you might need. It can be also tempting to just purchase a large bag to fill with everything you need. However, hauling a bulging gym bag around can create lasting back and shoulder pain, not to mention the added hassle of securing it in a locker or running the risk of having your possessions stolen. And what about your phone, keys, earbuds, or other small items that you prefer to keep with you while you work out? Not only is leaving them on the dirty gym floor unsanitary, it also makes them incredibly easy to lose! When it comes down to it, all you really need are the essentials. That is why the team at SHERLIX has created a revolutionary water bottle holder to make every beginner gym-goer look like a pro from the moment that they sign in. Made of sturdy neoprene and packed with pockets to easily transport all of your valuables, this water bottle holder for the gym will ensure that your possessions are kept safe and protected while also remaining organized for easy access and portability.



The SHERLIX water bottle holder is much more than a simple water bottle pouch.  It can quickly elevate your workout due to its convenient and accessible features. SHERLIX water bottle holder has a versatile design created to fit YETI, HydroFlask, Takeya, Contigo, CamelBak, and many other major water bottle brands. In addition, SHERLIX water bottle holder is fitted with a universal sized phone pocket to accommodate any cell phone. With SHERLIX water bottle holder, you will soon be working out like a professional with all of your valuables within arm’s reach. This water bottle organizer has secured pockets and adjustable wraparound strap that fits snugly on any size bottle.  Because of its secured pockets, you can be assured that even when the pockets are filled with your phone and other valuables, you can still sip from your favorite bottle and enjoy its full functionality.




The SHERLIX water bottle holder is a high-quality product made of incredibly sturdy neoprene that can withstand the rigors of life on the go.  Also, its water-resistant quality would ensure that your possessions remain safe and dry at all times. SHERLIX water bottle holder can give you the peace of mind to workout knowing that your phone, keys, earbuds, and anything else you might need quick access to are stored in a convenient and secure location. You already have enough to keep up with, and tasks such as going to the gym shouldn’t have to include keeping up with the contents of a bulky bag. Say goodbye to hauling your items around on the dirty gym floor and running the risk of them being lost or stolen.  Revolutionize your gym and workout experience with SHERLIX water bottle holder. No matter your workout style, this water bottle storage sleeve will fit right in to your busy life and make it a breeze to securely keep your valuables with you on the go.


Oct 25, 2021 • Posted by SM

Great product idea! Loved this blog.

Oct 25, 2021 • Posted by sonny

THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!! loved reading through this❤️

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